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Graphic Designer Intern

Product Designer @ Dive

SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist


Lead Software Engineer - Frontend

Sr. Software Engineer - Backend

Software Engineer Intern - Backend

SDE2 - Backend

Software Engineer Intern - Full Stack

Lead Software Engineer - Backend

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About Dive:

Dive evolved with a very interesting journey. During the pandemic, a lot of us felt isolated and bored of staying at home. We tried solving this problem, with a (virtual) social space to host team-building activities. Our customers loved us for that, but we kept feeling that there was a bigger problem out there. When we dug deeper, we found that there was one problem yet to be solved.

They were Meetings. 📆 Meetings were the problem! Meetings today are boring. They’re considered a massive waste of time. They don't move the projects forward.

Our Mission

When we started asking people what their biggest pain points were, we heard the same thing over and over: there are too many useless meetings. Whether they were boring, rambling, or ran over, virtual meetings often left people feeling less productive and uninspired.